Pi Day is Right Around the Corner – Yep, March 14th – 3.14!

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Hi everyone!

Some of you might know that I love the number “pi” – the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter: 3.1415926… (there is an infinitely long string of digits after the decimal – yep, it’s irrational!) and because March 14th’s can be written as 3.14, we often call this day, “Pi Day.” 🙂

In fact, I love pi so much that I wrote a song about it, “Dance of the Sugar Pi Fairy,”  and even got to make a whole 6-minute video about pi, including a “music video” with that song in it. Why did I write the song? To help people memorize as many digits of it as they want… well, up to 139 digits of pi, which is how many the song includes!

Here is the full 6-minute episode:

And, here’s just the 2-minute Pi song, by itself:

Enjoy, and happy Pi Day!